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    Shtunder Peter Egorocich | 14 Sep 2008

    The judge of the Moscow City Court, on the 6-th of August, 2007 he sentenced Alexey Pichugin to life imprisonment in a colony of special regime.

    He is also known by some other high-profile cases.

    Igor Sutyagins case.

    In August, 2003 Peter Shtunder was appointed to the post of a judge in a Moscow process of the Russian scientist Igor Sutyagin, the victim of the intelligence agencies spy mania. But he didnt carry out Sutyagins case, because of the dissolution of the jury he was substituted by Marina Komarova.

    Sutyagin Igor Vyacheslavovich, born in 1965, Candidate of History, chief of the sector of military-technical and military-economic policy of the Department of military-political research of the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He wasnt admitted to state secrets. He worked, analyzing bare sources, the published information. He is charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations of espionage and divulgence of a secret about war potential. In April, 2004 he was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. On April, 26, 2004 the Amnesty International admitted the Russian scientist Igor Sutyagin a political prisoner.

    According to the materials of the portal «Human Rights in Russia» (HRO.org).

    The case about the explosion on the Kotlyakovskoye cemetery

    In April, 2004 Peter Shtunder passed the sentence regarding the case about the explosion on the Kotlyakovskoye cemetery of Moscow. The Afghan war veteran Michail Smurov got 14 years of imprisonment. The nuance is that the case about the explosion had already been considered by the Moscow circuit military court and on the 21-st of January 2000 it acquitted the defendants because of failure to prove the charge. It is noteworthy that the General Prosecutors Office was presented by none other than Kamil Kashaev, later  the public prosecutor in Alexey Pichugins case.

    Zarema Muzshahoevas case

    The board of 12 juries presided over by Peter Shtunder on the 8-th of April 2004 sentenced a 24-year Chechnya inhabitant Zarema Muzshahoeva who tried to commit the act of terror in the restaurant «Imbir» on the 1-st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street in Moscow, to 20 years of imprisonment. Zarema Muzshahoeva was detained on the 9-th of July, 2003 near the restaurant with an explosive assembly in her bag. During the defusing the man who defused this assembly, George Trophimov from the Federal Security Service, tragically died.

    The jurymen unanimously admitted Zarema Muzshahoeva guilty in terrorism, in attempted murder and in illegal keeping and transportation of explosives. The court considered that Muzshahoeva didnt deserve mercy, although she had cooperated with the investigation and had told everything she knew.

    The lawyer of the convict Natalia Evlapova called Muzshahoevas punishment «too cruel». According to Evlapova, «Muzshahoeva actively helped the investigation, in particular, on the basis of her evidence in the village near Moscow, Tolstopaltsevo, there were defused several explosive belts».

    Besides, Muzshahoevas evidence helped to compose the identikit picture of the woman, who organized in 2003 the explosions in the Tverskaya street and at the rock-festival «Krylya» in Tushino. The police operative called her Black Fatima.

    In the course of the investigation there was established that Muzshahoeva had nearly became a Shakhid not at all according to her convictions. She was sold to the Chechen terrorists by her relatives, from who she had stolen adornments. The relatives were promised to pay $1000, as soon as Muzshahoeva commit the planned act of terror in Moscow.

    This circumstance explains why Zarema Muzshahoeva in the evening on the 9-th of July didnt commit the explosion, but actively tried to attract attention of the restaurants stuff to herself until they called the police.

    «When I came to Moscow, I saw how people lived here, I understood that I will never explode myself. I have never had such things. None of our girls had such things. If they have seen what kind of shop exist, none of them explode», — Muzshahoeva said.

    The newspaper «Kommersant» called the sentence to Zarema Muzshahoeva «the Russian intelligence services defeat». After Muzshahoeva revealed to the Federal Security Service all her partners in crime and pointed out a secret flat in the Moscow region with many explosive assemblies, ready to be used, the Federal Security Service promised the defendant a minimal punishment. They hoped in the Federal Security Service that other Chechens, sent to Russia for committing acts of terrors, if they can count upon a soft punishment, would prefer to yield, but not to explode themselves.

    In this article there used the material "A terrorist Muzshahoeva is sentenced to 20 years: «When I am released, I will revenge myself», NEWSru.com, 08.04.2004.

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