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    The «Amnesty International» is anxious about Alexey Pichugins condition | 13 Oct 2008

    The Amnesty InternationalVera Vasilieva, a journalist and a human rights activist, in her Internet Live Journal informs that she has received a response of the international human rights organization «The Amnesty International» to her appeal concerning the situation with Alexey Pichugin.

    We shall remind that this appeal was initiated by Vera Vasilieva in March, 2008 and concerned the infringements of the law during the preliminary investigation with regard to the case of the former head of the Security department of the «Yukos» oil company, and also his trials. In particular, there was pointed at the use to Alexey Pichugin during the interrogation in June, 2003 some psychotropic agents and at the absence of the evidential basis, on the grounds of which it would be possible to make a conclusion about Pichugins involvement to the incriminated crimes.

    The appeal called to exert pressure upon the president Dmitry Medvedev and to impel him to stop a politically motivated persecution of Alexey Pichugin and others figurants of the «Yukos case». It was supported by more then 150 persons and sent to the European Parliament, to the Amnesty International and to some leaders of foreign countries.

    In the response, received by Vasilieva, it is said: «The Amnesty International» is actively involved in further development regarding «the Yukos case». We also have sent an appeal to the minister of justice of the Russian Federation regarding Alexey Pichugin and Platon Lebedev".

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