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    Court session with regard to Alexey Pichugins case on July, 13, 2007 | 13 Jul 2007

    General Prosecutors OfficeOn the 13-th of July, 2007 the legal trial has passed to a new stage: there have started the hearings of arguments. The public prosecutors Kira Gudim and Kamil Kashaev have made an accusatory speech. They have demanded once again from the court to return Alexey Pichugin guilty on all the charges and to sentence him to life imprisonment in the colony of special regime.

    "We consider that Pichugins guilt is fully proved", — Kira Gudim has stated. According to the public prosecutions version, Alexey Pichugin organized the assassinations, incriminated to him, on Leonid Nevzlins instructions.

    The principal «proofs» the public prosecutors have called the evidence of Tsygelnik, Reshetnikov, Shapiro, Peshkun, Smirnov, Korovnikov. And also  that Michail Ovsyannikov’s evidence which he had given during the preliminary investigation. But Michail Ovsyannikovs statements at the court session on the 19-th of June 2007 and at the previous trial that he had slandered Pichugin under moral coercion, are not trustworthy, according to Kira Gudim and Kamil Kashaev.

    Unlike the incident with Michail Ovsyannikov, the change of Vladimir Shapiros evidence at the court session is of great importance, the public prosecutors consider. It is the last evidence, slandering Alexey Pichugin, according to the public prosecution, which should be considered as true to fact. And that fact, that before Shapiro had told that he knows nothing of Pichugin, Nevzlin and Khodorkovsky, the public prosecutors have explained by the threat directed against the «witness». At that, they have evaded that fact that the states defence had been granted to Shapiro as far back as before the previous trial, when he hadnt testified against Alexey Pichugin.

    The words of Shapiro, Tsygelnik, Reshetnikov and others that the organizers of the crimes, committed by them, were allegedly Alexey Pichugin and Leonid Nevzlin, according to Kira Gudim, «can not be considered as the inferences». This her thesis Kira Gudim has grounded by that «the witnesses pointed the source of their awareness»: Gorin and Goritovsky. That fact that the both of them died and it is impossible to verify whether they had told it or not, according to Kira Gudim, does not belittle the cogency of the case-based reasoning of the public prosecution. (We shall remind that the Supreme Court, having avoided the sentence to Alexey Pichugin, has indicated that the judicial decision can not be based on inferences.)

    Also Kira Gudim has concluded that if the evidence, in particular, Shapiros, is trustworthy in one part (Valentina Korneevas assassination), «it can not be considered as a fantasy in the other part, about the names of those who organized the crimes».

    Besides, in their speeches Kamil Kashaev and Kira Gudim have called to the evidence of the Nefteyugank mayor Vladimir Petuhovs widow Farida Islamove, Valentina Korneevas colleagues from the trade company «Foenix», Alexey Golubovich (who worked in 1992-2001 in the organizations of Menatep and «Yukos») and a number of other witnesses.

    The witnesses on Vladimir Petuhovs episode had spoken about the „Yukos“ interest in the elimination of the head of Nefteyugansk because of his actions on collection of the oil companys debts for tax which allegedly had occurred. At that, Kira Gudim doubted the National Tax Inspectorates conclusions, examined during the judicial investigation, about absence of such debts for tax. As an additional argument in its favor the public prosecution has cited Alexey Golubovichs words about financial crisis of the company in that period.

    The version that Vladimir Petuhovs assassination had been committed by the Kamyshin inhabitants Popov and Prihodko, the public prosecutors consider unfounded.

    The witnessed on the Valentina Korneevas episode had affirmed that allegedly the motive for her assassination was an unwillingness of the «Foenix» director to sell the premises of the shop «Tea» to Menatep.

    The public prosecutors consider an important proof of their rightness the documents of the case, including  the note with Evgeny Rybins address (the prosecution ascribes its authorship to Alexey Pichugin).

    Besides the public prosecutors, today the word has been given to victims. In the Farida Islamovas name there has spoken her lawyer Kuvyatkin; he has stated that his client fully agrees with the public prosecution.

    The victim Fedotov (the son of the Evgeny Rygins security officer) has petitioned about adduction to case his suit to Alexey Pichugin  with demand to compensate him for moral damage. However, the other participants of the trial (including the defence and the prosecution) have opposed it. Alexey Pichugins lawyer Dmitry Kurepin has stated that, according to Law, Fedotov might commence suit at the previous stage of the trial and nothing prevented him from doing that. At the stage of hearings of arguments the law makes no provision for such actions.

    The judge Peter Shtunder has agreed with these arguments, he has dismissed Fedotovs appeal and has recommended him to commence suit in the context of civil trial.

    At the next court session the word will be given to the defence. The session will take place on July, 17, 2007, at 11 a.m., courtroom 408.

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