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    On the 44th birthday of Pichugin the public prosecutor Kashaev required the court for him lifetime imprisonment | 25 Jul 2006

    Kamil KashaevOn the 25th of July, when Pichugin was 44  this was his 4th birthday at imprisonment, — the trial reached a new stage: debates started.

    The prosecutor Kamil Kashaev made an accusing speech. She declared that, in the opinion, of GenProsecution, the court was presented with the evidence of creation by Alexey Pichugin, Leonid Nevzlin and „other unestablished persons of „YUKOS“ management“ of an organized criminal group. Kashaev called the court to appoint for Alexey Pichugin a penalty in the form of lifetime imprisonment in the colony of particular regime.

    Furthermore, for Vladumir Shapiro the prosecutor asked 20 years of imprisonment in the colony of strict regime; for Gennadiy Cigelnik  17 years of strict regime, for Evgeniy REshetnikov  16 years of strict regime, for Mikhail Ovsyannikov  20 years of strict regime and for Vladislav Levin  9 years of strict regime.


    According to Kashaev, Pichugin and Leonid Nevzlin „at unestablished time and on unestablished place entered into criminal agreement“ with Sergey Gorin, Mikhail Ovsyannikov and Vladimir Shapiro and „ordered“ them a murder of the Director of Moscow trade firm „Phoenix“ Valentina Korneeva. In 1998 Shapiro shot Korneeva from the gun at the stairwell nearby her flat.

    Moreover, according to prosecutor statement, Alexey Pichugin and Leonid Nevzlin „ordered“ to Garitovskiy, Gorin, Shapiro, Reshetnikov and Cigelnik the killing of the Naftejugansk Mayor Vladimir Petukhov, which was executed on 26 June 1998.

    Also the prosecutor claimed that Alexey Pichugin and Leonid Nevzlin organized a murderous assault, disguised as robbery, at the business-manager of „Rosprom“ Company Viktor Kolesov. The executors were, as Kashaev stated, Peshkun, Korovnikov, Gorin, Shapiro, Goritovsky, Cigelnik and Reshetkov. As a result of the crime, the victim had „light health damage“.

    Besides the mentioned, Kashaev told that „Pichugin, Nevzlin and other managers of „YUKOS“ organized two attempts at the businessman Evgeniy Rybin. (According to Kashaev, the third assault was also „ordered“ but it was not committed.)

    The terms of imprisonment

    Remarkably, that for Mikhail Ovsyannikov, even in the version of prosecutor Kashaev, who did not directly participated in the manslaughters (allegedly, he was the driver of the car, on which Gorin and Shapiro traveled and only did know about the planned crimes) the public prosecution required more severe punishment than for Reshetnikov and Cigelnik. At the meantime the latter confessed in commitment of killings.

    To remind, Mikhail Ovsyannikov fully rejects his guilt. On the hearing on 17 july 2006 Ovsyannikov declared that all his previous testimonies against Khodorkovsky, Nevzlin and Pichugin were made under pressure of the investigation. According to Ovsyannikov, the The investigation representatives, declared him that „this is a matter of state and the only way to escape a bad turn is to cooperate in full with them“.

    The term asked by the GenProsecution for Vladimir Shapiro, who confessed in the murder of Valentina Korneeva by Gorins order, but emphasized that the names of any other customers are not known to him also begs attention.

    The victim

    On the hearing on 25 July 2006 the businessman Evgeniy Rybin took floor, who said that he fully agrees with the requirements made by the prosecutor Kashaev. Rybins speech contained attacks against Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin and Alexey Pichugin, the „YUKOS“ Company was characterized as „a criminal band“. Still Rybin did not make any material testimonies and therefore deserved some criticism from the side of Judge Usov for it.


    On the hearing on 25 July the legal consultants of all accused made speeches, but for those of Alexey Pichugin and Mikhail Ovsyannikov. They will be given a floor on 27th of July 2006.

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