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    11 July 2006 session | 11 Jul 2006

    Gennady TsigelnikSession held on 11 July 2006 began with an incident. The commodore, Ministry of internal Affairs mayor, tried to prevent the communication between Aleksey Pichugin and his lawyer Georgy Kaganer through the window of the cell. The judge Vladimir Usov issued a reprimand only after Georgy Kaganer made a protest against the occurred.

    During the whole day of the session the accused Gennady Tsigelnik spoke. He acknowledged his guilt of the murder of the mayor of Nefteugansk Vladimir Petuhov, of the attempt on the life of executive officer of the company „Rosprom“ Viktor Kolesov, and of two attempts on the entrepreneur Evgeny Ribin.

    Tsigelnik named „mangers of „YUKOS“ Nevzlin, Hodorkovsky and Pichugin crimes“ the principals of these. (Tsigelnik used exactly this formulation. Let us remind, that Aleksey Pichugin worked as a head of department of internal economic security within the framework of security service of „YUKOS“.) Role of mediators, according to Tsigeelnik, was performed by the accused Vladimir Shapiro and Volgograd underworld leader Arkady Goritovsky (presently deceased).

    Moreover, Tsigelnik told that after two unsuccessful attempts on Ribiin he was ordered the third one. Tambov businessmen Gorin acted as mediator, and the client  Boris Moiseevich Hodorkovsky (director of lyceum — boarding school for orphans children, farther of Michael Hodorkovsky).

    At the same time the statements of Tsigelnik contain a lot of contradictions.

    Neftejugansk episode

    Cigelnik calls himself guilty in the assassination of Vladimir Petukhov allegedly committed with the accused Evgeny Reshetnikov. Furthermore, he emphasizes that he did not intent to and his aim was only to frighten. However Cigelniks confession contradicts the testimonies of witnesses who saw at the scene of Nefejugansk Mayors murder quite another people.

    To remind, on the 4th of July 2006 some Popovs testimonies were heard on the court hearing. Popov told the Prosecutor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area that in summer of 1998 he was invited by Prikhodko to the flat he owned in Pyt-Yakhe city. While drinking a bottle of vodka Prikhodko told his friend that he had killed the Mayor of Neftejugansk and described in detail how he had done it. His words coincide with the description of Petukhovs killing made by the interrogators and witnesses for the prosecution in Pichugin case. Moreover, on the same hearing the testimonies of witnesses Kirzlevich and Vorobyova were announced, who identified on photo Prikhodko as a person they had seen on the place of Neftejugansk Mayor assassination on 26 July 1998. The witnesses Kuchev and Korotkov, according to their assertions, noticed Popov on the same place and at the same time.

    Yet the court is not presented with any witness who saw on 26 June 1998 Cigelnik and Reshetnikov on the place of crime.

    Assaults on Evgeniy Rybin

    The first attempt on Rybin had place in autumn 1998 in Udalcov Str., 30 Moscow. According to Cygelnik, the businessman was shot at by Evgeniy Reshetnikov, but he controlled the situation.

    Rybin came out from the doorway of the housing and went to his car. Reshetnikov shot at him but missed. Rybin hurried back to the doorway. Cigelnik did not try to kill Rybin, because he „is not good in shooting at moving targets“.

    After unsuccessful attempt Reshetnikov and Cegelnik, according to the latter, crossed the road, sat to their car and leaved to the hotel they had stayed. From there Cigelnik called the intermediary Goritovsky and reported about the happened. Goritovsky, according to Cigelnik, shouted at him because he chose the place of killing beside the „YUKOS“ office. „Now all will suspect that the company has ordered the murder“  he, supposedly, blamed Cigelnik.

    It is vital to explain, that in fact house 30 in Udalcev Str. is apartment house and there is no „YUKOS“ office and has never been.

    Cigalniks statement about his inability to shoot at the moving object is also notable, because he informed the court that he is interested in hunting for wild boars. (Obviously, the boars, in case of Cigelniks appearance specially stood motionless for hunters handy shooting).

    The second attempt on Rybin took place in 1999 in Moscow region. The businessmans car with the security and a driver approaching his house (Rybin at that time was on his nephews birthday) was exploded. As a result the driver Fedotov was killed. Talking about this crime, Cigelnik says that after the explosion Reshetnikov walked to the window of the car and threw a grenade in the salon. „In order to kill Rybin for sure“ comments Cigelnik. And Fedotov was killed exactly by the explosion of this grenade, i.e. Cigelnik rejects his guilt in the manslaughter of Fedotov and ascribes it to Reshetnikov.

    Still there is a question: why having closely approached to the salon, the criminals did not deem necessary to check whether there was Rybin? Even if the security guards were neutralized by the explosion.

    As Cigelnik asserts, the third „order“ for Rybins killing, made by Boris Moiseevich Khodorkovsky, was passed to the accused by Gorin. Allegedly, the killing was planned „in Gernmany, when Rybin will walk out from the building of Vienna arbitrary court“ (a phrase of Cigelnik, who, seemingly, proposes that Vienna is located in Germany“. At that Cigelnik was supposed to kill Rybin „from arbalest“. For this crime, as Cigelnik states, „Boris Khodorkovsky promised to pay 60 thousand dollars“.

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