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    19 June 2006 session | 19 Jun 2006

    Alexey PichuginIn the session of 19 June 2006 circumstances of attempts on life of the executive officer of „Rosprom“ company Viktor Kolesov in 1998 and on life of the employee of Moscow mayors office Olga Kostina in 1999 were considered. Former inhabitants of Tambov Pavel Popov and Igor Korovnikov, presently serving their sentence in the institutions of confinement, spoke as witnesses for prosecution.

    Pavel Popov said to the court that does not know anyone of the accused.

    In response to the questions of prosecutor Kamil Kashaev the witness told that in the end of the summer 1998 he was addressed by his acquaintance Aleksey Peshkun with a request to „help to settle the problems with two businessmen“- shuttle traders“ from Moscow“  Kolesov and Kostina. He alleged that those „businessmen“ owed the client (Peshkun did not name him) the money and are reluctant to return it. Therefore, Kolesov and Kostina should be „assured“ to return the debt by exerting „coercion“.

    Popov agreed to comply with Peshkuns request and invited his relative Igor Korovnikov to come to Moscow with him.  In Moscow Korovnikov visited Kostinas and Kolesovas apartments (Popov was waiting for him in the street). Kostina was out, but the conversation with Kolesov took place, in result of which Korovnikov refused to execute the order with respect to Kolesov.  

    Popov and Korovnikov visited Moscow two more times: in November 1998 and January 1999. Both times they met Peshkun at Paveletsky railway station (in autumn Popov and Korovnikov were accompanied by Kabanets as well). Though Popov did not leave the car and therefore, he did not hear the conversation.  

    In response to the question whether physical removal of Kolesov and Kostina faced him, Popov gave negative answer. According to him, both „businessmen“ should have been threatened only.

    Igor Korovnikov was the next to give testimony.  

    He communicated to the court that he visited apartments of Kostina and Korovin in the guise of Mosenergo employee though he met her mother only. Korovnikov did not want to execute the order with respect to Kolesov, although Peshkun and Tambov businessman Gorin (the latter, according to Korovnikov, participated in the case as well) insisted on it. Gorin, according to Korovnikov, proposed to fire Kolesov at legs. In response to concerns expressed by Korovnikov with relation to the risk to shoot Kolesov down, Gorin supposedly stated that the client would not have any complaints in such a case and „would pay even more“.

    As a result, for all that Korovnikov and his partners did not risk to commit an attempt on Kolesov. As he states, that was because he found out that Kolesov and Kostina are not „shuttle traders“.

    Korovnokov also told about the meeting with Aleksey Pichugin that supposedly took place in his car, in the course of which Pichugin claimed the report about the „work“ done (visits to apartments of Kolesov and Kostina) and physical removal of Kolesov. And moreover, he told about Gorins dishonorableness with respect to Korovnikov and about that „it is necessary to settle the matter with Gorin“ (i.e. according to Korovnikov, hinting at the necessity of physical removal of Gorin). Korovnikov refused to kill Gorin since he „considered him his friend“. About the threat coming from Pichugin, Korovnikov did not say anything to his „friend“, since he felt sorry about him and did not want that he be worried“.

    Moreover, Korovnikov state that he met Pichugin (and Peshkun) in Tambov bar „Kamelot“ where attempts on Kostina and Kolesov were discussed.

    The explosion, organized in the stairwell of the Kostinas parents house in the absence of the hosts, that did not cause harm to anybody Korovnikov names an attempt to murder Kostina.

    One could not ignore a lot of strange in the testimony of Kirivnikov. First of all  substantial contradictions with the record of his interrogation in July 2003 are obvious. At that time Korovnikov, talking about Kostina stated that „we went to Moscow to frighten a little one woman“, and did not talk about the attempt to murder. He called aAssault and battery of Kolesov as action of intimidation (he did not mention about fire and murder). Nothing was told about the „order“ to remove Gorins.

    Korovnikov avoided the question of Akeksey Pichugins lawyer Georgy Kaganer of how he could explain the contradictions in his testimonies and blamed the lawyer of being indifferent to anothers pain. Later he nevertheless clarified that he heard on the radio while being in the solitary in the pre-trial prison of Federal Security Service „Lefortovo“ that „Pichugin will soon be released and every one will be released and he was afraid for his family“. 

    Korovnikov refused to answer the overwhelming majority of the questions. 

    Questions are called by the results of confrontation of Korovnikov and Pichugin (held the same summer 2003) the records of which were read in the session.

    At the confrontation Korovnikov recognized Pichugin by face not at once, but with great difficulty only when he profiled. How that could be possible if Korovniov and Pichugin sat face-to-face in the car and in the bar, remained unclear.

    It is unclear why the alleged „principal“ should meet the actual doer if there was a mediator  Peshkun.

    Constant motive of compassion and sympathy to pain of another person etc. sounds at least strange in the mouth of Korovnikov. Let us remind that in 2000 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for series of rapes and murders committed with special cruelty.

    Having sat several years in the prison camp of Ognenny island Korovnikov suddenly remembered that Pichugin supposedly wanted to „order“ Gorin. After that he was transferred to more comfortable prison conditions.

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