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    Petuhov Vladimir Arkadievich | 22 Jan 2007

    The former Nefteyugansk mayor, killed on the 26-th of June, 1998  unknown killers shot Petuhov by a submachine gun when he went on foot to his work. Gennady Tsygelnik and Evgeny Reshetnikov called themselves the committers of this crime. They gave this evidence in the Moscow City court in July, 2006 within the limits of the second Alexey Pichugins trial

    Tsygelnik and Reshetnikov stated that Alexey Pichugin and Leonid Nevzlin had ordered them Vladimir Petuhovs assassination  supposedly, in the interests of the «Yukos» oil company. In spite of that the witnesses of the crime pointed to the other people, the judge of the Moscow City court admitted Tsygelniks and Reshetnikovs evidence convincing.

    Vladimir Arkadievich Petuhov was born in December, 16, 1949 in the town of Kotlas in the Arkhangelsk region. In 1978 Petuhov came to Nefteyugansk. He worked in the industrial company «Yuganskneftegaz» as a drill-operator, later  as a master-technologist. In the end of the 80-ies he worked as one of the leaders of «Yuganskneftegaz». In 1990 Petuhov became leader of the enterprise «Debit». In 1996 he won the election of the mayor of the town of Nefteyugansk.

    In May, 1998 Petuhov blamed «Yukos» for not paying taxes to the local budget and it didnt make it possible to pay wages in a proper time to the employees of the budget enterprises. In answer to it the top-managers of the oil company stated that they had paid to the citys budget about 120 million rubles. The governor of the Hanty-Mansiisk autonomous region Alexander Fillippenko interfered in this conflict and created a budget committee for its investigation. Petuhov, in his turn, embarked on hunger strike, demanded to dismiss from office the head of the towns and district tax inspectorate and to launch a criminal case upon non-payment of taxes to the towns budget by «Yukos».

    According to the fact of the Nefteyugansk mayors assassination there was opened the criminal case. The investigation tried out different versions, but the connection between Petuhovs death and his conflict with the «Yukos» top-management wasnt confirmed. In mass media there were voiced other versions: «family» (after the mayors death his spouse got more then half a million dollars) and the version connected with a struggle for the wholesale food and merchandise towns market.

    The crime witnesses succeeded in composing the criminals identikits, pointed out that these were the young people of about the same height (170-175 cm), with a Slavonic type of the faces and dark blond-brown hair. Later, they identified the arrested Popov and Prihodko, the appearance of whom fully corresponded to the description of Petuhovs assassins (according to the data of some of mass media, Popov and Prihodko were the members of the Kamyshin criminal group). After a little while, Popov and Prihodko were released and soon were killed under strange circumstances, and the case was closed because of the death of the main suspects.

    The public prosecutors in Alexey Pichugins case Kamil Kashaev and Kira Gudim ignored all the facts, pointed to Alexey Pichugins and the «Yukos» top-managements non-participation in the mayor Petuhovs assassination. And also that fact that Tsygelnik and Reshetnikov do not fit to any appearance description, recorded earlier in the testimonial evidence: they are both more then 40 years old, and Reshetnikov has an Asian type of the face.

    In the course of the pleadings Alexey Pichugins lawyer Kseniya Kostromina emphasized that Petuhov had never applied to court concerning the «Yukos» liabilities. As for his public activity (his statements against «Yukos» at the meetings, his hunger strike), according Pichugins defence, it should be interpreted as the actions for raising his own rating and Petuhovs desire to shift responsibility for arrears in wage payment in Nefteyugansk on the oil company (Kostromina also reminded that Petuhov had had a conflict with the local Duma because of that he allegedly spent budget funds for other agendas).

    A number of witnesses at court with regard to the second Alexey Pichugins trial affirmed that the mayor Petuhovs assassination had not been advantageous for the «Yukos» top-management, as it had wrecked the talks with the administration and adversely affected the reputation of the oil company.

    Nevertheless, Alexey Pichugin was admitted guilty in the organization of Vladimir Petuhovs assassination.

    At the trial with regard to Leonid Nevzlins case on 21 of April 2008 Gennady Tsygelnik, appearing with testimony, stated: «I slandered Pichugin and Nevzlin at the request of the investigators of the General Prosecutors Office Burtovoy, Bannikov, Zhebryakov and the police operative Smirnov. I was promised a defence and a minimal term, but they gave me a maximal one».


    Vera Vasilieva. «Unjust and poor».  Grani.ru, 17.08.2006


    Monuments.  Official city of the Nefteyugansk administration.

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