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    The Gorins, Sergey Valerievich and Olga Michailovna | 22 Jan 2007

    Inhabitants of the town of Tambov. Alexey Pichugin was condemned for the organization of their assassination.

    In the evening in November 2002 into the Gorins house there burst some armed persons in masks. There were no masters of the house  only their three minor children. The attacked persons hit the head of one of the boy by a hilt of the gun and closed the children in the bathroom. The children heard how their parents came back. The mother asked someone: «At least, switch on the light in the bathroom they are in the dark…»

    What happened then, the children do not know. In the morning there came a friend of the family Oleg Smirnov. Nobody opened the door for him. Smirnov climbed over the fence and freed the children. And the Gorins, Sergey and Olga, disappeared.

    Sergey Gorin is a businessman, known in Tambov as a founder of a financial-construction company «Algorithm» in 1990. After mobilization of considerable funds of citizens this company went broke, left without savings a half of Tambov and its outskirts.

    After some years Sergey Gorin was appointed to a position in the local department of the bank «Menatep», however, soon he was dismissed. For the last three years before his disappearance he hadnt worked anywhere. Nevertheless, there were money at home: Sergey bought a car «Sobol», and Olga had an expensive necklace which disappeared together with its owner.

    The investigation on the case about the Gorins disappearance was at a deadlock. This case could remain forgotten, but the Tambov operative officers arrested a recidivist Igor Korovnikov and the members of his gang. At one of the interrogations some Kabanets confessed that he, and also Korovnikov and his two colleagues, some years ago had organized an explosion in Moscow. The matter was about an explosion in autumn 1998 on the footpace in the house where there live the parents of Olga Kostina, the head of press-service of the Moscow mayors office (then, this crime remained unsolved).

    According to Kabanets, this explosion was «ordered» by some businessman named Sergey. Then the investigators assumed that it could be Gorin (the married couple had already disappeared by that time). The case about explosion was honoured with a separate process and went to Moscow, however the Moscow detective could find neither customers nor organizers. In summer 2003 Alexey Pichugin was accused of the organization of the attempt at Olga Kostina and of the assassination of the couple of the Gorins. About alleged close relations between Pichugin and the Gorins, according to the General Prosecutors Office, says that fact that Alexey Pichugin is a godfather of the Gorins younger son.

    Igor Korovnikov, having being at the detention facility of the Federal Security Service «Lefortovo» told that just before his disappearance Sergey Gorin had given him the documents, and among them  the photos of the people who ordered attempt at Olga Kostina. Korovnikov assured that he hid the photos and other documents at his parents place, but they disappeared somewhere. At that Korovnikov memorized the faces at the photos, and at the interrogation in the General Prosecutors Office «recognized» at the photos Alexey Pichugin and Leonid Nevzlin.

    According to Alexey Pichugins lawyer George Kaganer the trial was initially preconceived. «The defence was forbidden to elucidate the circumstances which would afford ground to come to a conclusion that the client hadnt committed the crime. Court sessions were hold behind closed doors, though there were not read out any secret document. Thats why we think that the trial was closed with one purpose  not to admit journalists to the hearings», — he stated.

    The dead-bodies of the Gorins were not found, there were problems with the examinations with experts. The first examination, undergone in Tambov, established: the blood found in the backyard of the Gorins house does not belong to them. And only repeated analysis made in Moscow after considerable period of time, suddenly showed that allegedly the groups of blood coincided.

    Nevertheless, on the 30 of March 2005 the court returned Alexey Pichugin guilty on all the charges and sentenced him to 20 years of imprisonment in a colony of strict regime.

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