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    The prosecutor Kamil Kashaev lost his job due to abolishment of his position | 20 Sep 2006

    Kamil Kashaev. Photo CommersantThe positions of the Head and Deputy Head of Public Prosecutors Department of General Prosecution were liquidated in the end of August upon the order of present GenProcurator Yuriy Chayka.

    This explanation was made by Kamil Kashaev  he took up one of these posts. According to him he and his former superior Dmitriy Shohin now are that he did not came to a conclusion to dismiss from office. Presently, he is on leave and does not know where he shall come to work.

    In the GenProsecution the information about the dismissal of Shokhin and Kashaev was neither rejected nor affirmed.

    „The Commersant“ gazette wrote today about that they were deprived from their posts. Both of them participated on the side of prosecution in processes on the cases of Khodorkovsky and Pichugin and in addition, in a trial of so-called „three whales“ case.

    „Echo Moskvy“

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