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    Alexey Pichugin case in Live Journal

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    Nevzlin: ’Yukos prisoners are hostages of Putin’ | 11 Feb 2008

    Leonid Nevzlin  NEWSru.co.ilLeonid Nevzlin, the 49-year-old former Yukos executive and Russian senator, has stepped up his campaign to help free former colleagues from Yukos who languish in Russian prisons after their conviction on various financial crimes.

    What is fair legal procedure? | 5 Feb 2008

    Radio LibertyOn the Radio Liberty in Irina Laguninas program «Time and world»  Kseniya Kostromina, the former «Yukos» employee Alexey Pichugins lawyer, the lifelong sentence of whom took effect on the 31-st of January, and the journalist Vera Vasilieva, who wrote the book about the finished trial, answer the questions of the Radio Libertys employee Vladimir Vedrashko.

    "Thank you for courage" | 4 Feb 2008

    The editorial staff of the site has some of the letters of support coming to Alexey Pichugin

    Dear Alexey, dont let it get you down, please, hold on! As though the «Yukos case» was created specially for showing to all the world an extremely bright exertion of human nature. Of highest nobleness on the one hand and of deepest meanness  on the other one. I believe neither in God nor in devil, but I believe in justice. You  held out. And let them have anxiety dreams about Strasbourg. Yulia, Ryazan

    * * *

    Human right activists statement on the Yukos case | 24 Oct 2007

    YuKOSOn 24 October 2007, on the eve of the 4-th anniversary of Mikhail Khodorkovskys arrest, Russian human rights activists made a statement and launched a campaign for collection of signatures to it.

    The Yukos affair: four years of blatantly political repressions

    Four years ago, on the 25-th of October 2003, Mikhail Khodorkovsky was detained by a special forces detachment in Novosibirsk. The arrest of the man who headed one of the largest and, at the same time, most transparent of Russias oil companies was immediately given the courts approval.
    Thus began the Yukos case, the first show trial of the post-Stalin era, and an affair which has radically changed the political and economic landscape of our country. Khodorkovsky was not the first victim on this sad list: he was preceded by Alexey Pichugin and Platon Lebedev. After his arrest many of the legal staff and managers of Yukos were sentenced to years of imprisonment. We recall that mother of two Svetlana Bakhmina was given a six-year sentence. Then followed 14-15 year sentences. Alexey Pichugin was sentenced to life imprisonment…

    Leonid Nevzlin has made a statement concerning Alexey Pichugins sentence | 6 Aug 2007

    Leonid NevzlinA famous businessman, a member of board of trustees of the Jewish agency „Sohnut“ Leonid Nevzlin made a statement concerning the sentence to the former head of the „YUKOS“ Security department Alexey Pichugin who is doomed today by the Moscow City Court to life imprisonment:

    Leonid Nevzlin about witnesses for the prosecution with regard to Alexey Pichugins case | 30 May 2007

    Leonid NevzlinGambling on violence and corruption, the government deprives its citizens of hope for defence and belief in justice. Propaganda of „stability“ and „order“ in the country of lawlessness hardly substitutes for their real presence.

    The all-Russian civil congress called Alexey Pichugin and others victims of the Yukos case the political prisoners | 13 Dec 2006

    The all-Russian civil congressThe all-Russian civil congress: „In the country, which is considered to be democratic, the new political prisoners appeared“.

    Journalist Valeriy Shiryaev on the first case of Aleksey Pichugin in his book «Trial of vengeance. The first victim of the YUKOS case» | 25 Aug 2006

    Trial of vengeanceSince the time of the Inquisition the collision of individuals with the machine of repressions has on many occasions become a subject of research of masters of art. Life constantly provided them with new material. The willpower and internal faith into the higher justice drove thousands through history, from religious reformers to soviet dissidents.

    n modern Russia, as dozens of years ago, a common person can become a victim of the state millstone machinery of political repressions. Against will individuals have to continue the bitter history of confrontation. This happens nowadays: Aleksey Pichugin, thrown into jail as a result of an unfair trial and publicly slandered, saves the honor of his country.

    «Trial of vengeance. The first victim of the YUKOS case» (in English)

    Leonid Nevzlin about the second conviction of Aleksey Pichugin | 21 Aug 2006

    Leonid NevzlinIt is typical of Russia to pass a sentence on somebody much ahead of a trial. It was the show that was unproven but well-staged by the Kremlin authorities.

    The Russian human right defenders consider Aleksey Pichugin to be a political convict | 18 Aug 2006

    The German WaveOn the 17th of August the Moscow City Court adjudged former YuKOSs employee, the head of a section within the security service Aleksey Pichugin. He got 24 years of imprisonment. The evidentiary ground leaves human right defenders in bewilderment.

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