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    Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Alexei Pichugin, prisoner of conscience | 20 Dec 2017

    Dec. 20 marks the fourth anniversary of what will, in my life, always be a day of rebirth: my release from a Russian prison, where I had been jailed for 10 years by Vladimir Putin for crimes I did not commit. I remember my police escort, as he walked down the boarding ramp of the plane that was to take me to Berlin, telling someone on his walkie-talkie that I was on board. I remember the door closing.

    «We should be proud that our children are capable for such actions» | 24 Nov 2017

    Mothers of political prisoners — about their sons

    Alla Pichugina, Aleksei Pichugins mother: «I cannot wait for him at all»

     Julia Saludanova

    Julia Saludanova

    Aleksei Pichugin turns 55 | 25 Jul 2017

    On July 25 Alexei Pichugin has anniversary — he turns 55 years old. It is already his 15th birthday behind the bars away from family, despite the fact that the Strasbourg Court twice admitted that he was convicted illegally, with violation of the right to fair justice guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

    Liudmila Alekseeva | 25 Jul 2017

    Liudmila AlekseevaDear Aleksei Vladimirovich!

    Greetings on your 55th birthday!

    With all our heart we wish You health, spiritual and physical strength, vivacity, and most important — freedom. And you are full of courage and true grit. We remember and think about You.

    Nina Caterley | 25 Jul 2017

    Dear Aleksei!
    Nina Caterley  FacebookDear Aleksei!

    Happy Birthday to You!

    One more year, one more jubilee date in prison … And all these years You continue to remain true to yourself, preserving courage and honor, nobility and kindness, faith, hope and love. Someday your fortitude will be rewarded — after all, God sees everything, and His patience has limits. This day will surely come — evil and lies will be defeated, the truth will triumph, and you will return home to your loved ones.

    Zoya Svetova | 25 Jul 2017

    Zoya SvetovaDear Aleksei!

    I wish You happy birthday! I wish you health and strength. I really miss our meetings in Lefortovo, when I was member of the Public Monitoring Committee and my colleagues and I came to visit You, I always enjoy Your letters. I’m sure that we will definitely meet with you on the outside!

    Yulia Sereda, Andrei Blinushov | 25 Jul 2017

    Yulia Sereda, Andrei Blinushov  FacebookDear Aleksei,

    From the bottom of my heart and from two hearts — mine and Andrei`s — I wish You happy birthday! We both wish You health and strength with all our hearts. A lot of health, a lot of strength (although it’s hard to imagine mental strength greater than Yours!). Please, take care of yourself. For a better time, for a wonderful life on the outside. You know how many of us, those who love you, respect and wait!

    Yulia Sereda, Andrei Blinushov, Memorail of Ryazan

    Igor Sutyagin | 25 Jul 2017

    Igor SutyaginAleksei,

    Happy Birthday to You! It’s shocking wrong that You celebrate it not at home with your closest people. The reason for this can be summarized in a few words: fourteen years ago a group of scoundrels tried to make you an offer, from which, according to their infamous understanding, no «normal» person can refuse — the scoundrels suggested that you will blame and condemn another person to prison.

    Andrei Piontkovsky | 25 Jul 2017

    Andrei PiontkovskyDear Aleksei!

    I heartily wish You happy birthday! Another year has passed of your heroic resistance to criminal power.

    You were an ordinary man, an officer who had never thought about political activity. But circumstances turned in such a way that the Kremlin made you its political prisoner No. 1, the Iron Mask of the Putin regime.

    Vera Chelishcheva | 25 Jul 2017

    Vera ChelishchevaDear Aleksei!

    With all my heart I wish You wonderful anniversary!!!

    Have bright and wonderful mood on this day. Please, remember: You are not alone, many people believe in You, cheer for You, wait and always are beside you.

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