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    Alexey Pichugin case in Live Journal

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    Pichugins case in the European Court of Human Rights: the answers are given, but the questions remained | 13 Nov 2007

    Kseniya Kostromina  Novaya GazetaThe government of the Russian Federation has submitted to the European Court of Human Rights a Memorandum with regard to the case of the former employee of the «Yukos» oil company Alexey Pichugin. This news was imparted to the portal HRO.org by the lawyer of the convict Kseniya Kostromina.

    Aleksey Pichugin’s Trial Blogger Nominated for the BOBs | 9 Nov 2007

    The BOBsFor the second year in a row, LJ user sivilia-1 (Russian journalist Vera Vasilieva) is competing for Deutsche Welle’s Best of the Blogs Awards (the BOBs). Last year, she was nominated in the Reporters Without Borders category; this year, she is shortlisted for the Best Weblog Russian.

    Her blog (RUS) — http://sivilia-1.livejournal.com/ — is devoted to coverage of the case of Aleksey Pichugin, former security chief of former oil giant Yukos, sentenced to life in prison for involvement in at least three murders. Pichugin’s arrest in 2003 marked the beginning of the Kremlin’s attack against Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

    "I believe that good will triumph" | 3 Oct 2007

    HRO.orgHRO.org reporter Vera Vasilieva met with Alexey Pichugins mother Alla Nikolayevna and asked her how her son and she had lived during more than four years while the trial lasted and what they expect in the immediate future.

    Alexey Pichugin appealed against a life-long judgement | 17 Aug 2007

    Alexey PichuginDoomed to life imprisonment the former employee of the „YUKOS“ security department Alexey Pichugin today has appealed against his judgement. As Kseniya Kostromina has told to the reporter of „Novaya gazeta“ Vera Chelisheva, her client asked in the appeal to avoid the judgement of conviction and to terminate the criminal case.

    Guilty of living without falsehood | 7 Aug 2007

    Alexey PichuginOn August, 6th, 2007, the federal judge Peter Shtunder has sentenced Alexey Pichugin to lifelong imprisonment in a colony of a special mode. The General Prosecutor’s Office represented by Kamil Kashaev had already demanded such verdict for the former «YUKOS» employee for three times since 2005.

    Witness | 14 Jun 2007

    Alexey KondaurovAlexey Kondaurov: «The fact that the sentence has already been pronounced, does not change my attitude towards it. I adhere to my position, and I am ready to set it out». «But I doubt whether you will listen to me», — he has added appealing to the judge. HRO.org reporting.

    See also: other witnesses evidence at the same court session

    The third Alexey Pichugins trial | 2 May 2007

    Daily journal

    In the Moscow City Court Alexey Pichugin is on the bench again. He is accused in organization of murder of the Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petuhov and the head of the Moscow company „Foenix“ Valentina Korneeva, and also in organization of attempts in 1998 and 1999 at the head of the company „East Petroleum“ Yevgeny Rybin.

    Oh, how the prosecutors need „YUKOS“… | 24 Apr 2007

    Kamil Kashaev. Photo Kommersant

    Repeated investigation of Alexey Pichugins criminal case continuous in the Moscow City Court for the second week. HRO.org court reporting

    Radio „Svoboda“. A new stage of investigation of the Pichugin case | 17 Apr 2007

    Radio Radio Svoboda
    Time of Freedom. Afternoon broadcast.

    Kirill Kobrin is on the air. Maryana Torocheshnikova, Radio Svoboda correspondent, takes part in the broadcast.

    Kirill Kobrin: The Supreme Moscow City Court started a new investigation of the criminal case regarding Alexey Pichugin, the former head of security department of the „YUKOS“ company. Last August he was doomed to 24 years of imprisonment for organization of the murder of Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petukhov and the head of Moscow company „Phoenix“ Valentina Korneeva, and also for organization of attempts in 1998 and 1999 at the head of the company „East Petroleum“ Yevgeny Rybin. However, later the Supreme Court avoided this sentence and referred the case to a new investigation.

    Alexey Pichigin: „I am not guilty“ | 17 Apr 2007

    Alexey Pichugin
    Alexey Pichugin stated again about his guiltlessness. HRO.org reporting

    On April, 17, 2007 in the Moscow City Court the first session as part of the second proceeding on Alexey Pichugins case took place.

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