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    Unbroken Pichugin | 25 Oct 2008

    Civitas Ė Herald of civil societyIt is five years today since Michail Khodorkovsky was arrested Ė the main figurant of the so called «Yukos case». Since this date Ė the 25-th of October Ė there counts the beginning of the most celebrated case of Russia after the Union of Soviet Socialist Republicsí disintegration. But besides Khodorkovsky and Lebedev Ė the owners of the oil company, which was taken away as a result Ė the people serve a time of imprisonment who can be called, with an every reason, the hostages, arrested or convicted (or who is going to be convicted) for the sake of the pressure upon the owners of the company.

    One of them Ė the head of the internal Security department of the «Yukos» oil company Alexey Pichugin. Of all convicts he is condemned to the longest Ė extremely long term: for life.

    Discussion of Leonid Nevzlinís sentence, the book «The third Alexey Pichuginít trial» | 2 Aug 2008

    Radio LibertyProgram «Time of Freedom. Results of the week». The anchorperson is Dmitry Volchek

    Persons taking part in the discussion are the journalist Vera Vasilieva, Leonid Nevzlinís lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov and Leonid Nevzlinís assistant Eric Volf, and also the public prosecutor Alexander Kublyakov.

    Returning to the published article | 14 Jul 2008

    © HRO.orgOn the 19-th of June the portal «Human Rights in Russia» (HRO.org) published a material «Five years of reprisal, resistance and hope», timed to five years from the day of the arrest of the former «Yukos» employee Alexey Pichugin and containing the opinions of famous persons about his case. Our questions were answered by the human rights activists Elena Bonner, Svetlana Gannushkina, Ludmila Alexeeva, a poetess and an anchorwoman Natella Boltyanskaya, a politician Alexey Melnikov and a former «Yukos» vice-president Leonid Nevzlin.

    On the 14-th of July the editorial staff of the portal HRO.org received a letter from Alexey Pichugin with the words of gratitude to everyone who within the limits of this interview expressed the opinion about his case. Also Alexey Pichugin thanks the users of Internet, expressed to him a support in comments to the publication.

    Five years of reprisal, resistance and hope | 19 Jun 2008

    Five years ago, on the 19-th of June, 2003, there was launched the «Yukos case». At that day Alexey Pichugin, taken the position of the head of the Economic Security Department as the part of the Security Service of the company, was arrested. Then, nobody could assume that the list of the shareholders and the «Yukos»í employees who incurred a cruel pressure and persecution, would number tens of surnames, and the company itself would cease to exist.

    Alexey Pichugin was the first one who faced the attack. Having neither imperious ambitions, nor relations to flow of funds, he suffered the cruelest punishment stipulated by Russian modern Criminal Code Ė in the total absence any direct proofs of his fault from the prosecution.

    Alexey Pichugin stood this blow. Not having derogated in false perjury which the investigators had demanded from him during all five years, not having slandered neither himself nor the «Yukos»í top-management, he found himself in a «Black dolphin», a colony for condemned to long-life imprisonment.

    But it is very far to the end in Alexey Pichuginís case, whatever they say from the rostrums. His appeal from the sentence is waiting its processing in the European Court of Human Rights. Lots of people try to free Alexey Pichugin by all the mean which are provided by law. His case is at the centre of public attention.

    Today, on the fifth anniversary of the arrest the portal HRO.org publishes the points of view of many people about Alexey Pichugin.

    To the portal HRO.orgí s questions there replied the human rights activists Elena Bonner, Svetlana Gannushkina, Lyudmila Alekseeva, a poetess and an anchorwoman Natella Boltyanskaya, a politician Alexey Melnikov and a former «Yukos»í vice-president Leonid Nevzlin.

    "They needed the «Yukos» top management…" | 23 Apr 2008

    Alexey PichuginOn the 23-d of April 2008 in the Moscow City Court at the extramural trial with regard to the former «Yukos»í top manager Leonid Nevzlinís case Alexey Pichugin has been interrogated as a witness. Specially for that, the ex-head of the Security department of the oil company had been transported by guard to Moscow from the colony IK-6 («Black dolphin») of the town Sol-Iletsk of the Orenburg region, where he serves his lifelong sentence.

    According to the version of the General Prosecutorís Office, Alexey Pichugin and «other unknown persons of the „Yukos“í top-management conspired criminally at an unstated time and in an unstated place» with a purpose of the «organization of crimes in the companyís interests».

    Alexey Pichugin does not plead guilty. At the present time his appeal from the sentence is going to be considered in the European Court of Human Rights.

    At the hearings of the Leonid Nevzlinís case on April, 23 Alexey Pichugin stated again about his guiltlessness and about the pressure upon him from the direction of the General Prosecutorís Office with a purpose to corrupt him to false statement regarding Leonid Nevzlin.

    Have refused the false evidence | 21 Apr 2008

    Moscow City CourtToday in the Moscow City Court the main witnesses for prosecution have refused the evidence against the «Yukos» employees Leonid Nevzlin and Alexey Pichugin.

    On the 21-st of April at the court session of the Moscow City Court with regard to the case of the former top-manager of the «Yukos» oil company Leonid Nevzlin the witnesses for prosecution Gennady Tsygelnik and Evgeny Reshetnikov have refused their previous evidence.

    They have stated that they slandered Nevzlin and the head of the «Yukos» Security service Alexey Pichugin under pressure of the investigation bodies in exchange for indulgences in term of imprisonment.

    We shall remind that Gennady Tsygelnik and Evgeny Reshetnikov were the trump cards of the General Prosecutorís Office during the investigation and at court with regard to Alexey Pichuginís case. These were their words which formed the basis of the judgment of conviction, according to which Alexey Pichugin got long-life imprisonment in the high-security penal colony.

    Where has the prisoner Alexey Pichugin disappeared? | 7 Mar 2008

    Alexey PichuginIt is the third day when the lawyers of Alexey Pichugin, the former employee of the «Yukos» oil company, canít find him. On Wednesday, having come to the Moscow detention facility Ļ99/1, where Alexey Pichugin was kept, they havenít found their client there.

    As it was reported before, Alexey Pichugin has already been transported by guard to a colony from the detention facility «Matrosskaya Tishina», where he was kept.

    The representative of the Federal Penal Enforcement Service of the Russian Federation (FSIN) has denied the information about transportation of Pichugin to the colony, the internet news portal Lenta.ru is reported. «We do not confirm this information», — the official representative of the FSIN has stated. He hasnít said anything about the prisonerís location.

    Leonid Nevzlinís case was submitted to the Moscow City Court, escaping the lawyers | 22 Feb 2008

    Leonid NevzlinThe General Prosecutorís Office of the Russian Federation has submitted the criminal case regarding the shareholder of the «Yukos» oil company Leonid Nevzlin, who has been living in Israel for several years. He will be tried in absentia. In the bill of particulars of the General Prosecutorís Office there appears the same episodes, on which Alexey Pichugin had been condemned. And it looks like that there wonít be less violations in the forthcoming trial, than in Pichuginís case.

    Some details were published on February, 16, in Kommersant.

    The further is Strasbourg | 31 Jan 2008

    On the 31-st of January 2008 the board of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation examined the appeal of Alexey Pichugin and his defense from life imprisonment. Alexey Pichugin didnít take part in the court session, as before he had written a statement that there is no point in it. His interests has been represented by the lawyers George Kaganer, Kseniya Kostromina and Dmitry Kurepin.

    We shall remember that this sentence was passed by the judge of the Moscow City Court Peter Shtunder on the 6-th of August 2007. He brought Alexey Pichugin in a verdict of guilty in organization of assassinations of the Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petuhov and the head of the Moscow company «Foenix» Valentina Korneeva in 1998, and also in organization of attempts in 1998 and in 1999 at the manager of the Austrian company «East Petroleum Handles» Evgeny Rybin. According to the public prosecution, supported by the court, Pichugin acted followed directions of the top-manager of the oil company Leonid Nevzlin.

    The session of the Supreme court has started at 10 a.m. from the proclaiming of the basis theses of the appeal.

    About time and court | 20 Dec 2007

    HRO.ordOn the 27-th of December in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Alexey Pichugin will be judged again. The former employee of the disgraced Michail Khodorkovskyís oil company and his lawyers will try to obtain vacating of life-long judgement delivered by the judge of the Moscow City Court Peter Shtunder on the 6-th of August 2007, and to dismiss the case for failure of evidence of the convict.

    Then, the judge had resolved that the guilt of the convict is fully confirmed, and all the arguments of the lawyers in favor of his innocence he had rejected having called them groundless. The text of the sentence the disclosure of which took about five hours, had followed the formula of accusation of the General Prosecutorís Office.

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