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    DER SPIEGEL: «Moscow Could Pardon Alexey Pichugin» | 22 Oct 2014

    DER SPIEGELRussia has a possibility to demand a termination of judgement (of tribunal of arbitors in Hague) till the middle of November. Likelihood of such satisfaction is minimal, as it is necessary to prove an existence of strong procedural infractions. In principal it will not allow to postpone seizing the property. But German judges will get the possibility to refer to the necessity to wait till a completion of a proper procedure.

    Leonid Nevzlin proposed Putin a deal: money in exchange for Pichugins freedom | 29 Jul 2014

    Leonid NevzlinLeonid Nevzlin, ex-Vice-President of YUKOS may receive a compensation of about USD 12 billion from the Russian Federation if the Supreme Court of The Netherlands refuses to satisfy the appeal made by the Russian Federation against the ruling of arbitration court in The Hague compelling the country to pay the compensation amounting to USD 50 billion to the former YUKOS shareholders. In an interview to Gazeta.ru he declared that he was ready to negotiate the partial write-off of the compensation in exchange for the freedom of Alexey Pichugin and for the complete exoneration of himself.

    Alexey Pichugin, the last prisoner of YUKOS | 19 Jun 2014

    Alexey Pichugin  ITAR-TASSOn June 19 2003, that is, eleven years ago, Alexey Pichugin, former official of the YUKOS security division, had been arrested. His arrest had become a starting point of the expropriation and dismantlement of the oil company that ensued. However, it was the human lives, brutally crashed, that has been the most horrible about it. Alexey Pichugin was the first YUKOS official to be arrested in order to obtain false evidence against Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and is the last one still serving his term while others are already released.

    Khodorkovsky Mentioned Release of Alexey Pichugin and «6th May Prisoners» Among the Main Tasks | 19 May 2014

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky  wyborcza.plEx- YUKOS Chef Mikhail Khodorkovsky, having chosen after his release public and human rights protect fields called again for fighting for Russian political prisoners. His latest statements Mikhail Khodorkovsky made during his visit to Warsaw on May 9th. He met there with ex-President of Poland Lech Wałęsa and participated in ceremony of handling the prize «Man of the Year» of Publication «Gazeta Wyborcza».

    Marina Drachenko: Hostage | 14 Apr 2014

    Marina DrachenkoBright, joyful card: sky blueness, gold shining of sunflowers Such cards send the vacationers, but this one arrived from colony for life-term prisoners «Black Dolphin». But, the content of the card is also bright and joyful. Life-term Prisoner Alexey Pichugin congratulates relatives with the release of Platon Lebedev:

    Political interests, not professional ones, propelled the investigators. Dozhd (Rain) Channel on Pichugin’s Case | 6 Feb 2014

    Dozhd (Rain) Channel«Who is Alexey Pichugin?» Mikhail Fishman, presenter of the «And So On…» program on Dozhd Channel, had dedicated the entire show of January 31 to search the answer to that question, assisted by Xenia Kostromina, Mr. Pichugin’s lawyer, Vera Vasilieva, correspondent of HRO.Org, and Ivan Mironov, a nationalist accused of the attempt on Anatoly Chubais, who — Mr. Mironov — once was Pichugin’s cellmate in «Matrosskaya Tishina» investigation prison.

    Uncovering the procedure | 17 Jan 2014

    Sergey Parkchomenko  echo.msk.ruSergey Parkchomenko:
    Many say (and I am absolutely agree with those, who say), that the main argument of those side, which opposes YUKOS shareholders and Khodorkovsky today, is hostages. A few people, who are continuing to be imprisoned, are taken in hostages. First of all it is Platon Lebedev, who remains imprisoned. First of all it is Pichugin, who is convicted for life imprisonment. And this is the first question, which arises immediately after Khodorkovsky release. And if you remember, I started to speak in fact with this  what is properly occurs with Lebedev and Pichugin, what is their fate and on which basis they will be released.

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky met with Leonid Nevzlin. Oh yeah, and what about? | 13 Jan 2014

    Ilya Milshtein  Grani.ruIlya Milshtein:
    Mikhail Khodorkovsky met with Leonid Nevzlin. Oh yeah, and what about? Khodorkovsky has arrived to Switzerland, and then has come to Israel, where he met with Nevzlin. He is free man now, and has the right.

    It is easy to be accustomed to good things.

    Pichugins case: No right to review? | 2 Jan 2014

    The New Times«The war is never over until the last soldier who managed to stay alive returns home», said Mikhail Khodorkovsky in his interview to The New Times. These words surely meant Platon Lebedev and Alexey Pichugin, the latter still serving his lifetime term in the prison camp known as «The Black dolphin» in Orenburg Region. He was the first YUKOS official to be arrested, and then he refused to tar the character of Khodorkovsky, which has resulted in the life imprisonment on biased charges. The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the trial de novo of the first case of Pichugin a year ago. In response whereto, the Russian Supreme Court had refused. The New Times tried to find out whether the Committee of the Ministers of the Council of Europe shall be able to prevail upon Russia and make the country comply with the undertaken duties.

    Alla Pichugina: «Mikhail Khodorkovsky would not leave his friend alone in trouble» | 25 Dec 2013

    Alexey Pichugin and his lawyer (Xenia Kostromina and Dmitry Kurepin)Mumin Shakirov:
    Mr. Pichugins [ex-Head of the Economic Security Division of YUKOS] family still places high hopes on Mikhail Khodorkovsky, recently released by amnesty. They hope he would not leave his friend alone in trouble, said us Mrs. Alla Pichugina, Alexeys mother. Mr. Khodorkovsky himself had mentioned his still-imprisoned friends Platon Lebedev and Alexey Pichugin during his press conference in Berlin.

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