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    Alexey Pichugin refused to pardon  RBC | 10 Jun 2016

    Kseniya KostrominaCondemned to life imprisonment for the «Yukos case» Alexei Pichugin a few months ago has filed a petition for clemency, but was refused, said RBCs lawyer. According to her, the refusal was not motivated.

    Alexander Litvinenko knew who killed Vladimir Petukhov, Mayor of Nefteyugansk | 22 Jan 2016

    Open RussiaErick Wolf, a friend and partner of Leonid Nevzlin, had handed over the statement by Alexander Litvinenko concerning the secret services involvement in the assasination of Vladimir Petukhov to Open Russia, revealing the origins of the document in question at the same time.

    Interpol and Pichugin: Unwilling Pawns in Putin’s Yukos Game | 17 Nov 2015

    Katrina Lantos SwettKatrina Lantos Swett:

    In 2014, the Russian government surprised the world by releasing two high-profile prisoners of conscience and former Yukos executives, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, each of whom who had been imprisoned on what were widely recognized to be false criminal charges. Though this was in part an act of goodwill on the eve of the Sochi Olympics, it also gave hope that Russia was signaling a turn towards an improved respect for the rule of law. However, since the start of those Olympics, it has been clear that such hopes were ill-founded. One only need to look to the current treatment of the first Yukos employee arrested, Alexei Pichugin, and that of the scores of Yukos officials who managed to flee Russia, to see that Mr. Putin’s tactics remain an example of the legal nihilism that characterize Russian justice and are part of a greater pattern of feigned rapprochement.

    Alexey Pichugins Birthday Celebrated in St. Petersburg | 25 Jul 2015

    On Saturday, July 25 2015, four one-person pickets supporting Alexey Pichugin appeared around Gostiny Dvor. Pichugin had already served 12 years within the framework of so-called YUKOS case. Twelve years of lifetime term for not having committed perjury against Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, as the participant affirm.

    Alexey Pichugin Found Out About Resumption of Case from His Lawyer | 4 Jul 2015

    Yesterday the lawyer of Alexey Pichugin — ex-Chef of Internal Economic Security Department of Oil Company YUKOS  Xenia Kostromina stated to «», that the resumption by Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) the criminal case about murder of Nefteyugansk Major Vladimir Petukhov is not connected with change of position of her client. Mrs. Kostromina told this soon after her visit of penitentiary IK-6, where her client serves his life sentence. The lawyer establishes that Mr. Pichugin did not only plead guilty, but also did not give and is not going to give any damning evidences about Mikhail Khodorkovsky or anybody else from YUKOS Chiefs.

    Political prisoner in the Yukos case Pichugin danger? | 1 Jul 2015

    Kseniya KostrominaKseniya Kostromina, the lawyer of the former chief of the Yukos security service Aleksei Pichugin, insists his client was not involved in the murder of Nefteyugansk Mayor Vladimir Petukhovin 1998. Puchigin, sentenced to life imprisonment, may be talked into a deal.

    Pichugin’s case in CMCE: High Hopes and HIdden Dangers | 19 Jun 2015

    Alexey Pichiginby Vera Vasilieva:
    Twelve years had passed today since Pichugin’s arrest. In spite of the first YUKOS case heard -and won -by ECHR two and a half years ago (the second complaint being deemed acceptable this March only) the situation goes unchanged.

    Russian authorities disagree with the arguments of Pichugin’s defense submitted to the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe | 10 Nov 2014

    n response to the complaint lodged by Pichugin’s lawyers with the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe dealing with the non-compliance by the Russian Federation with the verdict by European Court of Human Rights regarding the ex-YUKOS officiall in question, the Russian authorities had submitted their own report to the said.

    DER SPIEGEL: «Moscow Could Pardon Alexey Pichugin» | 22 Oct 2014

    DER SPIEGELRussia has a possibility to demand a termination of judgement (of tribunal of arbitors in Hague) till the middle of November. Likelihood of such satisfaction is minimal, as it is necessary to prove an existence of strong procedural infractions. In principal it will not allow to postpone seizing the property. But German judges will get the possibility to refer to the necessity to wait till a completion of a proper procedure.

    Leonid Nevzlin proposed Putin a deal: money in exchange for Pichugins freedom | 29 Jul 2014

    Leonid NevzlinLeonid Nevzlin, ex-Vice-President of YUKOS may receive a compensation of about USD 12 billion from the Russian Federation if the Supreme Court of The Netherlands refuses to satisfy the appeal made by the Russian Federation against the ruling of arbitration court in The Hague compelling the country to pay the compensation amounting to USD 50 billion to the former YUKOS shareholders. In an interview to Gazeta.ru he declared that he was ready to negotiate the partial write-off of the compensation in exchange for the freedom of Alexey Pichugin and for the complete exoneration of himself.

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