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    Mikhail Khodorkovsky — about the 14th anniversary of Alexey Pichugin’s arrest | 19 Jun 2017

    Mikhail KhodorkovskyMikhail Khodorkovsky:
    Today, is 14 years as Alexey Pichugin being imprisoned for life. He is an ordinary guy, who was not lucky enough to become the first target in a long-term tragedy called «the Yukos case». He is not guilty and did not admit his guilt, even though I even suggested his to go to an agreement and be released.

    14 years behind bars without fair trial. What did Strasbourg rule in the case of Pichugin? | 18 Jun 2017

    Alexey PichuginOn 19th of June, 2017 it will be 14 years since a wrongfully convicted Aleksey Pichugin recognized by the Civil Rights Society «Memorial» (Moscow) to be a political prisoner has been confined in prison.

    Attorney: «Judgement on Pichugins second case must be revised» | 7 Jun 2017

    Kseniya KostrominaEuropean Court of Human Rights adjudged a violation of Pichugins right to a fair trial. The second decision of the European Court of Human Rights for case of Alexey Pichugin was commented on by attorney Kseniya Kostromina to Open Russia.

    The European Court of Human Rights. CASE OF PICHUGIN v. RUSSIA. Judgment | 6 Jun 2017

    STRASBOURG, 6 June 2017

    This judgment is final but it may be subject to editorial revision.

    In the case of Pichugin v. Russia,

    The European Court of Human Rights (Third Section), sitting as a Committee composed of:

    Branko Lubarda, President,

    Pere Pastor Vilanova,

    Georgios A. Serghides, judges,

    and Fatoş Aracı, Deputy Section Registrar,

    Having deliberated in private on 16 May 2017,

    Delivers the following judgment, which was adopted on that date:

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    Political Prisoner Alexey Pichugin returned to the Black Dolphin Prison Camp | 3 Apr 2017

    Vera VasilievaThe news had surfaced this Monday, April 3, via the defense of ex-YUKOS official. As Xenia Kostromina, one of Pichugin’s lawyers, said, the defender intended to visit his client in Sol-Iletsk on Tuesday.

    Political Prisoner Alexey Pichugin Vanished from the Lefortovo Prison | 27 Mar 2017

    Alla Pichugina with a letter to Vladimir Putin and a photo on which she is with her son. Victoria Odissonova  Novaya GazetaAlexey Pichugin, ex-YUKOS Company official recently declared political prisoner by Memorial Center for Human Rights (Moscow) had disappeared from the Lefortovo Investigation Detention Center. This information had been confirmed by Mrs. Alla Nikolayevna Pichugina, his mother, who in turn quoted the statement by his lawyer Xenia Kostromina.

    The Committee of Ministers of the Council of the European Council had heavily criticized the non-compliance with the Strasbourg Court verdict on Khodorkovsky and Pichugin by Russian authorities | 13 Mar 2017

    KommersantThe Committee of Ministers of the European Council had subjected to heavy critic the non-compliance of Russian authorities with the ECHR verdict concerning the YUKOS case, as well as ex-CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky and a lifetime convict Alexey Pichugin, former head of the Economic Security Section. The most acute and urgent question is the sanction by the Russian Constitutional Court of non-payment of the 1.9 billion of compensation ruled by ECHR th the ex-shareholders of YUKOS. However, the European Council still hopes to extract at least 300.000 for judicial costs from the Russian Federation.

    Free Political Prisoners | 9 Mar 2017

    HRO.orgBy Vera Vasilieva, HRO.org
    : On March 7, 2017 the President of the Russian Federation pardoned Oxana Sevastidi, previously convicted to seven years in prison for «high treason» by his decree. Earlier during his press conference in November of 2016 Vladimir Putin agreed that the sentence was  «indeed an example of a hard-way approach».

    Georgi Kaganer, Alexey Pichugins defender, Has Passed Away | 6 Mar 2017

    Georgi KaganerMr. Georgi Samoylovich Kaganer, Chairman of the Kaganer Associates law buffet and defender of Alexey Pichugin, passed away at the age of 76.

    A picket in Munich: Unfair imprisonment for 5000 days | 25 Feb 2017

    On February 25, 2017, a picket took place on Europaplatz, in Munich, Germany, near the Angel of Peace and just several steps from the Russian Embassy. The picketers requested to free political prisoner Alexey Pichugin.

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