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    Alexey Pichugins new judicial proceeding will be conducted by the judge with regard to Igor Sutyagins case | 3 Apr 2007

    Another Alexey Pichugins proceeding will start on 17 of April 2007 in the Moscow City Court, hall  408. This information was announced by the lawyers of the convict. Examination of the case is ordered to Petr Egorovich Shtunder, the judge of the Moscow City Court.

    The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation: the requirements of law regarding Pichugin are not fulfilled | 24 Mar 2007

    On the 23-d of March Alexey Pichugins lawyers put at his site editors disposal the cassational ruling of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation with regard to case of former employee of the oil company „YUKOS“. According to this document, the requirements of law regarding Alexey Pichugin were not fulfilled.

    Are the proofs of guilt not required any more? | 21 Feb 2007

    Supreme Court of the Russian FederationOn Wednesday, February, 21, 2007, in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation the hearings on criminal case of Alexey Pichugin, the former employee of oil company YUKOS,  were held. I shall remind, that appeals against the verdict of the Moscow City Court (guilty at all points of accusation and is sentenced to 24- year deprivation of freedom in the correctional colony of  strict regime) were lodged both by the prosecution and by the defence.

    The investigation of Alexei Pichugins case in the Supreme Court is appointed on the 14 of February| February, 6, 2007 | 6 Feb 2007

    On February, 14 the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation must investigate Alexei Pichugins case who was doomed by the Moscow City Court on the 17 of August 2006. To carry back, the judge of the Moscow City Court Vladimir Usov doomed the former YUKOS employee to 24 years of imprisonment and to the endurance of the punishment in a correctional colony of strict regime. The appeals were lodged both by the prosecution and by the defence.

    The all-Russian civil congress called Alexey Pichugin and others victims of the Yukos case the political prisoners | 13 Dec 2006

    The all-Russian civil congressThe all-Russian civil congress: „In the country, which is considered to be democratic, the new political prisoners appeared“.

    The dacha of Alexey Pichugin was searched | 20 Oct 2006

    Kseniya Kostromina. Photo Grani.ruThe lawyer of Alexey Pichugin Kseniya Kostromina informed about a new search conducted on the cottage of her defendant in Golicyno, tells „The Commersant“ gazette. the work men from the neighboring dacha informed about this fact. However, according to the lawyer, the purpose of the search conducted is unknown. „Neither the wife nor Pichugin himself were given a notice of the intended search. The door was unhinged and after covered with veneer“, told Kseniya Kostromina.

    The members of Korovnikov band, witnessed against Alexey Pichugin, may be released | 17 Oct 2006

    Photo Grani.ruAs it was informed by „Commersant“ gazette on October 17, in the nearest future GosDuma will consider the project of law according to which the norms of active repentance will also cover the criminals who committed grave and particularly grave crimes. According to the lawyer Georgiy Kaganers opinion, the number of such criminals may include the members of Igor Korovnikov band, who were sentenced to long terms for manslaughters and rapes and on the testimonies of whom the prosecution in respect of Alexey Pichugin based was constructed.

    The lawyer of Alexey Pichugin was stolen a safe with documents | 27 Sep 2006

    Georgiy Kaganer. Photo Lenta.ruIn Moscow unknown persons cleaned out the office of lawyer Georgiy Kaganer, representing the interests of Alexey Pichugin, informs Gazeta.ru. this was told by another lawyer of Pichugin Kseniya Kostromina.

    Rearrangement, but not dismissal | 21 Sep 2006

    Dmitriy Shohin and Kamil Kashaev were proposed new offices in GenProsecution. Dmitry Shohin was appointed to the post of the Head of Administrative-Methodical Department. While Kamil Kashaev transferred to the former position of Dmitry Shohin and became the Head of Public Prosecutors Department. Simultaneously, the status of this post was increased: the Head of the Public Prosecutors Department is now the Deputy Head of Division on the Maintenance of Procurators Participation in the considerations of criminal matters.

    The prosecutor Kamil Kashaev lost his job due to abolishment of his position | 20 Sep 2006

    Kamil Kashaev. Photo CommersantThe positions of the Head and Deputy Head of Public Prosecutors Department of General Prosecution were liquidated in the end of August upon the order of present GenProcurator Yuriy Chayka.

    This explanation was made by Kamil Kashaev  he took up one of these posts. According to him he and his former superior Dmitriy Shohin now are that he did not came to a conclusion to dismiss from office. Presently, he is on leave and does not know where he shall come to work.

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