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    Alexey Pichugin case in Live Journal

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    Andrey Piontkovsky | 25 Jul 2016

    Andrey Piontkovsky — Radio LibertyDear Alexey!

    Happy Birthday! Wish you bottomless health and spiritual strength! By your friends’ word I know you as a devout Orthodox Christian. I am sure it was your faith that helped you to endure your ordeals so stoically.

    Elena Sannikova | 25 Jul 2016

    Elena Sannikova. Grani.ruDear Alexey!

    Let me transmit you my cordial congratulations. I sinceerely wish you swift release and do believe it comes soon. It seems to me that there’s no people left on Earth who holds your sentence for lawful. On the contrary, you’ve gladden so many people with your sincere and warm responses to their letters.

    Natalia Tochilnikova | 25 Jul 2016

    Natalia TochilnikovaDear Alexey!

    Your case could only be compared to that of Oleg Navalny, convicted for the sole reason of being the brother of known opposition figure in its unfairness. As to its cruelty, it competes with the harshest sentences by regimes like those of Stalin or Hitler.

    No other case stirs more rage in me.

    Vera Chelischeva | 25 Jul 2016

    Vera ChelischevaDear Alexey!

    Please accept my most sincere congratulations! I despise banalities. Still, I want to wish you one crucial thing, or shall I say event, which I, along with many others who support you, strongly believe.

    Zoya Svetova: Who is it, Mikhail Savitsky, conducting an interrogation of Aleksey Pichugin | 13 Jul 2016

    Otkrytaya Rossiya (Open Russia)According to Otkrytaya Rossiya information Aleksey Pichugin was interrogated by FSB investigator Mikhail Savitsky. Zoya Svetova tells what this high-profile «terrorist» case expert is known for.

    A convicted officer of Yukos Pichugin will be questioned by investigators of the FSB | 8 Jul 2016

    FSBThe former employee of security service of Yukos, Alexei Pichugin, was interrogated by FSB officers on 13 July. On Friday, July 8, reported Interfax the lawyer Ksenia Kostromina.

    Alexey Pichugin: «I wrote a motion to have a visit from my mother» | 8 Jul 2016

    Aleksey PichuginThe former head of the department of internal economic security of YUKOS Aleksey Pichugin, who on July 2 was brought to pre-trial detention center «Lefortovo» (although until July 6, human rights activists and lawyers were told that he is not there), told to the member of the PMC and journalist of Open Russia, Zoya Svetova about his life in the penal colony and how he was denied in clemency.

    Alexei Pichugin was taken to the SIZO «Lefortovo» | 6 Jul 2016

    Ksenia KostrominaThe former head of security service of Yukos, Alexei Pichugin, has been transferred from the colony for life-term prisoners «Black Dolphin» in the Orenburg region, is in the Metropolitan detention center «Lefortovo».

    Statement of Igor Viacheslavovuch Sutyagin | 5 Jul 2016

    Igor Sutyagin to European Court of Human Rights:

    «My name is Igor Sutyagin. The following statement is made from my own personal knowledge and describes, among other things, my times in Lefortovo prison when I was cell mate to Alexei Pichugin»

    Testimony Sutyagin about the case of Aleksey Pichugin

    Reade more

    Leonid Nevzlin: «I’m afraid they won’t be in a hurry to bring Alexey to Moscow» | 5 Jul 2016

    Leonid Nevzlin – Investigation Committee has searched not only the premises of Alexey Pichugin’s brother, but also those of his mother. After house-check, both Andrey and Alla Pichugin were summoned for questioning. This was reported to Otkrytaya Rossia by Leonid Nevzlin, one of former Yukos’ CEOs. Nevzlin believes it to be continuing attempts to put the screws on Alexey Pichugin, and explains why the Investigation Committee will fail to do so.

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