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    Alexey Pichugin case in Live Journal

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    Alexei Pichugin, the prisoner of Lefortovo | 16 Aug 2016

    Alexei PichuginAlexei Pichugin, the former employee of YUKOS, who has been recognized the political prisoner by the «Memorial» Right Protection Center (Moscow), is held in the ward of the Moscow Lefortovo remand prison (SIZO) for a little more than a month. has gathered information regarding the attendance of Pichugin by the members of the Public Monitoring Committee.

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky | 26 Jul 2016

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky — The NewTimesAleksey Pichugin has met his 54th birthday. He has been doing 13 years in prison under unrighteous sentence.

    Freedom to the Man of courage!

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky

    We’re proud. We support. We wait | 25 Jul 2016

    Alexey Pichugin will celebrate his 54th birthday on July 25. Just like 13 years ago, this last prisoner of the trumped-up YUKOS affair officially declared political prisoner by the Center for Human Rights Memorial (Moscow) celebrates this day in Lefortovo Prsion.

    Mark Galperin | 25 Jul 2016

    Mark GalperinGreetings, Alexey,

    Please accept my warmest wishes for your birthday. I urge you to be careful and stay healthy within the meager opportunities provided. This regime is well aware that its leaders stand no chance of staying free should the democratic changes occur.

    Serguey Davidis | 25 Jul 2016

    Serguey DavidisDear Alexey, greetings.

    I am grateful to the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday! Even in these harsh circumstances you represent a role model for us all whose life is infinitely easier. Your valiant and resilient behavior and resistance to all the regime’s ill intentions inspire both those crushed between the jaws of Russian judiciary and those who avoided them.

    Tatyana Davidis and Vyacheslav Feraposhkin | 25 Jul 2016

    Union for Solidarity with the Political PrisonersDear Alexey!

    Happy Birthday! Please stay in good health and spirits, and of course we’re looking forward to your prompt release! May all your innermost dreams come true! We thank you for the example of honor, courage and resilience! You are a hero!

    Alexey Kondaurov | 25 Jul 2016

    Alexey Kondaurov — Radio LibertyDear Alexey Vladimirovich,

    Happy Birthday! Lots of health and spiritual strength, since you will need both to live fully. I am sure that the day when I will be able to shake your hand personally and outside the prison walls is coming soon. See you soon!

    Alexey Kondaurov,

    Major-General in reserve, ex-Head of Information Division of MENATEP group, MP (State Duma) in 2003-2007

    Serguey Lukashevsky | 25 Jul 2016

    Sergey Luhkashevsky — Grani.ruDear Alexey!

    Let me wholeheartedly congratulate you! Your valiant and resilient stance fills this usually formal sign of courtesy with the initial, primal essence. I would like to wish you lots of health, lots of luck and most of all lots of hope.

    Alexander Osovtsov | 25 Jul 2016

    Alexander Osovtsov — FacebookToday we celebrate the birthday of one of the most gallant men in the world. I mean Alexey Pichugin who nor under torture did flinch for a second in being true to his honor and principles. I wish him to regain freedom with all my heart.

    Alexander Osovtsov, journalist, lawyer, former program director of «Open Russia» Foundation

    Andrey Piontkovsky | 25 Jul 2016

    Andrey Piontkovsky — Radio LibertyDear Alexey!

    Happy Birthday! Wish you bottomless health and spiritual strength! By your friends’ word I know you as a devout Orthodox Christian. I am sure it was your faith that helped you to endure your ordeals so stoically.

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